AfNOG (See is a forum for cooperation and the exchange of technical information between operators of Internet-connected networks in Africa. AfNOG aims at building a community of engineers helping each other operate Internet Infrastructure in Africa, and on the Global Internet as well as promote the discussion of issues relating to implementation of new networks that require community cooperation.

AfNOG has since year 2000 organized their annual Event in a different African country each year.

“While AfNOG fuels the rapid growth of the Internet in Africa with trained technical capacity, our content has been determined by the needs of the community. In so doing AfNOG’s output training capacity has multiplied in the past decade and the community flourished”

AfNOG Workshop on Network Technology:

The AfNOG Workshop on Network Technology aims to offer advanced training to people who are in the process of developing and enhancing an Internet-connected network with regional and international connectivity. The target audience includes senior and mid-level technical staff of commercial Internet service providers (ISPs), academic networks, government networks, or NGO networks.

This workshop builds on the experience of previous AfNOG workshops held annually from 2000 to 2019 in Twenty African countries, and also the Internet Society's INET workshops, held annually from 1993 to 2000 at eight locations around the world. The workshop's Instructors are an international team with many years of experience in operating large networks and teaching about network operations.

AfNOG 2020 Workshop Tracks

This year’s workshop is divided into Eight parallel Tracks: ( 5 English & 3 French Tracks).

  1. SS-E Scalable Internet Services (in English), focused on the design and operation of email, web, and other Internet services, in ways that can scale to handle large numbers of end users. 
  2. SS-F - Internet évolutives (enfrancais), similar to track SS-E, but given in French. 
  3. SI-E - Scalable Network Infrastructure (in English), focused on the design and operation of networks using routers and switches, in ways that can scale to handle large numbers of interconnected sites.
  4. SI-F, Infrastructure Reseaux IP (enfrancais), similar to track SI-E, but given in French. 
  5. NM – E, Network Monitoring & Management (English) 
  6. NM-F, suivi et gestion de réseaux (enfrancais), similar to track NM-E, but given in French. 
  7. AR –E, Advanced Routing Techniques (English) 
  8. CT- E, CERT Training (English)

Workshop application information is at:


**Workshop Application Deadline – 15th Jan, 2020